Youtube hacker channels to check out

Here are my preferred Youtube destinations for hacking goodies. On these channels, you will find tutorials on hacking tools, CTF and TryHackMe walkthroughs, hacker interviews, advice on how to grow your hacking skills and a lot of other stuff. Be sure to check this post from time to time, as I occasionally update when I run across a new Youtube gem.

John Hammond
Vickie Li Dev

And if you happen to be doing the Jr Penetration Tester learning path on TryHackMe, stuffy24 has a great playlist with walkthroughs for every challenge in the course.

Hi! I'm a tech journalist, getting my feet wet in ethical hacking. What you will find here is me taking notes on the tools and techniques I’m learning and offering answers to the questions I had when I first got started not so very long ago.

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